Special Alert Update!

The Mono County Board of Supervisors meeting has been rescheduled for March 7 at 9 am in the Bridgeport courthouse. You may also attend via videoconference in Mammoth Lakes. Keep those emails coming in!

Special Alert!

March 7 is THE opportunity to help save the endangered Sierra bighorn sheep!  If you care about bighorn sheep NOW is the time to ACT! 

Help Protect Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep!

On Tuesday March 7, 2017, the Mono County Board of Supervisors will hear a presentation from the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife and US Fish & Wildlife Service on the endangered Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep. The two agencies jointly manage the recovery program for this endangered and iconic animal. The Board may also consider whether to terminate domestic sheep grazing at Conway Ranch in order to prevent the likelihood of a deadly disease being transmitted from domestic sheep to the endangered bighorn. A population of bighorn resides nearby in the Lundy Canyon area. Conway Ranch was procured by the County in 2000 via federal and state grants and is managed per a conservation easement to protect wildlife and open space; other uses such as grazing are allowed but not required.

Please come to the meeting and support protecting our endangered, wild bighorn sheep and learn the latest on bighorn recovery!!

Your input is really important! What you can do: write a letter to the Mono County Board of Supervisors, call the board members, and, most importantly, please come to the board meeting on February 21 in Mammoth Lakes (live feed in Bridgeport, too), start time around 9:30AM. Here are some suggested talking points to pick and choose from; use what works for you! For background on this magnificent animal, please see the website of the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Key points

  • Continued domestic sheep grazing isn’t worth the risk to the bighorn and the cost to
    Mono County.
  • Ask the County to consider other management options for the Conway Ranch
    including cattle grazing and wildlife management.

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep (SNBS)

  • Support protecting the SNBS, an endangered species and iconic image of the Sierra
    Nevada. The SNBS is found nowhere else in the world but right here in our Sierra
  • The SNBS should be embraced and promoted by Mono County for their tremendous
    wildlife value. These iconic and remarkable animals are a draw for tourists, hikers
    and wildlife photographers in other locations.
  • Yosemite National Park has gone to great effort and expense to restore SNBS in their
    native range. Mono County should support the efforts of its neighbor agency and
    work with Yosemite to help recover and protect these magnificent animals.
  • If you have seen Sierra bighorn sheep, talk about your experience.

Sheep grazing on Conway Ranch

  • Continued domestic sheep grazing at Conway Ranch threatens the recovery of this
    unique species. Saving and restoring the planet’s biodiversity is more important
    than ever. The Sierra bighorn should come first.
  • There is a large body of evidence published in peer-reviewed literature that
    documents the fatal health risk that domestic sheep (and goats) pose to the SNBS. Wildlife experts will address this issue at the meeting.
  • Domestic sheep grazing was identified as one of the primary issues of concern in the
    SNBS recovery plan that could adversely affect recovery efforts.
  • Courts in other states have recognized the high risk of disease being transferred
    from domestic sheep to wild bighorn, and federal agencies have closed allotments to domestic sheep grazing as a result.

Fiscal Issues

  • Can the County afford to do the rigorous environmental analysis that will be
    required if it allows continued domestic sheep grazing? Even if the lessee pays for
    the analysis is this the best use of County staff and resources?
  • Because of the high risk of disease transfer to bighorn, if the County allows domestic
    sheep grazing it will likely end up in costly litigation which the County may lose, at
    added expense to taxpayers.
  • The County should explore options for management of Conway that are fiscally

Address your letter to:

Mono County Board of Supervisors, P.O. Box 715, Bridgeport, CA 93517

Email your letter to Shannon Kendall, Clerk: skendall@mono.ca.gov, and be sure to send a copy to each Board member:

Stacy Corless scorless@mono.ca.gov
Larry Johnston ljohnston@mono.ca.gov
Fred Stump fstump@mono.ca.gov
Bob Gardner bgardner@mono.ca.gov
John Peters jpeters@mono.ca.gov

Plan to attend March 7 time approximate 9:00 AM!
Mammoth Lakes Minaret Village Mall Suite Z (Town Council Chambers)

Teleconference location: Mono County Courthouse, 278 Main Street, 2nd floor Board Chambers, Bridgeport, CA.

Thank You!


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