The Wild Sheep Foundation promotes a conflict-free Farm Bill 6-25-18

An attempt to fill public land grazing allotments with domestic sheep in wild sheep habitat may come up this week in the Senate. It already happened in the House. This catastrophe could eliminate decades of grassroots conservation work, and destroy wild sheep populations since healthy domestic sheep carry diseases that kill wild bighorn. Follow this link and tell your Senator that public land grazing allotment mandates have no place in the current Farm Bill.

You have turned the tide for the recovery of the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep!

For your persistence, your letters/emails, your attendance and testimony at the meeting and for spreading the word to your family and friends we have the utmost gratitude. We are indebted to the Mono Lake Committee, Sierra Club, Friends of the Inyo, the Wilderness Society, Center for Biological Diversity and many others for their support.

On March 7, 2017 the Mono County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 not to renew a grazing lease for domestic sheep on the Conway Ranch and Mattly Ranch properties owned by Mono County. This is great news for the Sierra Nevada bighorn!

The current domestic sheep grazing lease expires in November, 2017.  The CA Department of Fish & Wildlife and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service gave outstanding presentations and presented extensive scientific evidence that laid out the case for terminating domestic sheep grazing within one mile of habitat for the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. Domestic sheep are known to transmit deadly disease to bighorn sheep.  With Sierra bighorn residing in and around Lundy Canyon close to Conway Ranch, the scientists determined the risk of wild sheep contracting deadly disease from domestic sheep was simply too high. 

Membership in a conservation organization is crucial to the recovery of endangered species. We encourage you to continue or become a member of the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation and any of the other wonderful non-profits serving the eastern Sierra. 


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